Love for Richmond Hill

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We’ve talked a lot about Oakville, haven’t we? I want to take a brief aside here and point you at one of our neighbors in the GTA:

Richmond Hill

We know you’re bound to explore all of the lovely suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area, and we thought it prudent to steer you towards Richmond Hill. It’s a quaint upper middle class rectangle, located in the North-West region of the GTA.

I wouldn’t be ushering you off to another city if it wasn’t for your own good, now would I? See more about awesome Richmond Hill Companies and other great amenities in the area:

Richmond Hill Businesses and Services

Image 2018-08-05 at 11.13.14 AM.png

Explore companies that never expire like contractors and personal services. These are the types of co’s that, provided they keep up their end of the bargain, will never go out of style. We’ll always need someone to hammer those nails for us!

Happy Richmond Hill’ing!

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